Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Richard "Dick" Johnson had a couple of nice tidbits in his Page Six NY Post column today, such as a sighting of "Q-Tip showing up at the new Diner 24 at 11 p.m. and ordering a slice of Key lime pie to go — then returning 10 minutes later for another one." Sigh. Who is the lucky lady sending Q-Tip out for key lime pie? Whoever she is I am sure of one thing: I hate her.

Now THIS is the kind of dirty, backhanded, mean-spirited, and possibly untrue non-journalilsm I like to see:


NOW hair this: Christina Aguilera may be losing her locks. One well-placed follicle flunky tells us the singer's classy, curly new 'do is designed to cover up her bald spots. 'They don't know if it's alopecia, the disease, or if it's from wearing extensions all these years,' says our spy. 'Her hair is falling out. Her new look is supposed to cover up the hair that she's already lost.' But Aguilera's rep flatly denies the allegations: 'It's absolutely not true. There is nothing wrong with her hair.'"

This sort of reminds me of the "Tracy Turnblatt has roaches in her hair" rumor from "Hairspray." But this one is in print! Hooray! Can your hair really fall out from overusing extensions? Note to self...

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