Thursday, July 08, 2004

Normally I am not all that fascinated by Cameron Diaz--she's too nice, too "normal" (by Hollywood standards), and except fot her famously horrible skin, too pretty. But today's lead Page Six story by Richard "Dick" Johnson had one wee tidbit that made me giggle. It seems ole Cam took some naughty pictures in her early modeling years (who HASN'T?), and that this photo shoot was videotaped. The pictures are all S&M-y, with Cam and another female model wearing leather and walking a dude on a dog leash (yawn). At some point La Diaz sprays her bare boobs with some kind of cooling spray which made her squeal with delight in the tape (yawn again). But here's the funny part:

"It also shows Diaz vamping topless while the photographer yells, "Cat-like! Cat-like!" and, "I want you hot and sexy!" During the topless shoot, a giddy Diaz takes a break to perk up her chest with the icy air spray."

God, I love photographers. I LOVE them, shouting "Cat-like! Cat-like!" I mean, can't you just SEE this guy? He's on all fours, constantly berating his assistants as they hand him rolls of film ("Faster, damn you, we're losing her cat-likeness!"), and please, oh, please, let him have some kind of European accent. ("You deezgust me, you leetle troll! I vant you HOT AND SEXY!")

I'd almost pay the $39.95 internet fee to see THAT. But it's probably funnier in the modelling set of my mind than in the real thing. Or maybe not. Hee, hee, hee.

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