Friday, July 02, 2004

My mom called today to tell me she had dug out the board game I made as a book report when I was in 5th grade. Everyone else did "Old Yeller" or "The Red Badge of Courage," that kind of thing. I had picked "Bud: An Unauthorized Biography of Marlon Brando." My game was called "Marlonopoly," and you played with Brando Bucks and Marlon Money, each player trying to get to "The Studio," a little pop-up thing with drawings of klieg lights and the Hollywood Sign on it. The goal was to get a movie made, if I remember correctly; there were pitfall cards with things like "Your ex-wife Anna Kafshi sues you for alimony. Go back two spaces," or "You gained 100 pounds, go back four spaces;" but one could move ahead by picking a "You win Acadamy Award for 'On the Waterfront' go directly to the Studio!" or "You lose 100 pounds, go forward four spaces!" I don't think my teacher liked it very much, but I got an A. Maybe I'll post some pictures up some day. Oh, Marlon.

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