Friday, July 30, 2004

Just when the hour becomes darkest, that's when I should, by now, expect the light of dawn and the arrival of People magazine...the cover of which screams "Livin' Large" and has an ultra-flattering, draped-in-fabric picture of KIRSTIE ALLEY! Yippee! The accompanying article starts off with Kirstie offering the reporter a selection of tasty treats from the local bakery and saying, "Or you can have both. That's the beauty of being in a fat person's house." Double yippee!

She claims to be 203 pounds, not the 300+ reported by the tabloids (who knows? 300 is awfully high, like Chris Farley-high, but I'm a bad judge of weight), which she calls "a gross exaggeration." She says that she's "forever walking around in grocery stores and people go, 'You don't look that fat! How did you lose that weight so fast?'...I haven't lost a pound." The reporter actually has the nerve to ask her "why she let herself go," to which she replies, quite sensibly, I think: "If I'm really happy, then I live my life like it's Christmas vacation."

Kirstie also comments on photos of herself taken over the course of her career, and reveals that she was more insecure about her weight when she was THIN: "I was totally embarrassed and I thought I was way too fat to have a [Playboy] bunny costume on. I probably weighed 122." (I actually saw this made-for-tv movie about Gloria Steinem going undercover as a Bunny for an article she was writing. I liked it!) She talks about her cocaine problem, joining the Scientologists, being divorced, living single--all the things I WANT Kirstie to talk about! Viva Kirstie! Bravo!

Also check out the picture of the Hives in the cd reviews--they're still wearing their Blue Velvet shoes! (Note: The shoes are all scuffed up. Another quality product from the little vintage store that could.)

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