Friday, July 16, 2004

Just got the new People and boy it is D-U-L-L. The only highlights for me: a good, up-close picture of Courtney Love being taken off to Bellevue, shackled to the gurney and looking unbelievably bruised and freaky; and an in-depth profile of Mary Kay Letourneau, who is about to be released from prison. The frisky former teacher, who gave birth to two children by her former 12-year-old student/lover, wants to rekindle the flame of their (formerly) forbidden love, now that he is of legal age. Here's the best quote:

"And will Letourneau find him as good a catch at 21 as she did when he was 12? 'At some point they are going to realize they have nothing in common,' says Olsen [author of If Loving You Is Wrong, an account of the case]. 'Really, they barely know each other.'"

Oh, Mary Kay. Where will your crazy heart take you now? And where can I get a copy of If Loving You Is Wrong? I LOVED it in the second "Brady Bunch" movie when they kept playing that song whenever Greg and Marsha looked at each other. What a great name for a Mary Kay Letourneau bio! There was also a little sidebar on the newest female teacher/boy student affaire de scandale, involving 8th grade teacher Debra Beasley Lafave and her 14-year-old student gettin' down in Florida. The best part about their forbidden love story was when the boy's cousin didn't believe he was gettin' hot with teacher, they allegedly went and picked up the cousin in her SUV so he could drive them around while they did it in the backseat. I can see where she would be outraged that no one believed her teenage student/lover's big flappin' mouth and would want the record set straight. That makes a lot of sense.


Anonymous said...

Mary Kay Letourneau was involved with inmate-turned-author Christina Dress in prison. I was an employee at the prison and know all the details about the Dress-Letourneau "LOVE" the wedding and the money. I'm sure Dress is involved in this, too. Vili is just a temporary thing..while the money is coming in. Dress and Letourneau have been in an intimate relationship for years now...and money probably looks good to the newly freed convicts.

They even wrote a book together while in prison...MASS WITH MARY. It doesn't tell about THEIR relationship. Certainly not the sexual which they were caught in the act in prison and taken to segregation (the hole). Nobody really knows the truth. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

"LETOURNEAU FOR PRESIDENT" is what author/ex-con Christina Dress wrote in her book, MASS WITH MARY.

I wonder what Christina Dress thinks about her buddy now! Looks to me like the two are experiencing some problems. Dress left the big wedding BEFORE the vows were exchanged and she looked mighty mad to me!!!! Does anyone know what REALLY happened?