Wednesday, July 07, 2004

In my eyes, it's a slow day for non-news; Liv Tyler fainted at a restaurant; Dennis Quaid got married; some non-famous chick passed out dizrunk in the Hamptons (OK that one was pretty good, because was sans bikini bottoms--but she's not famous, so who cares? who HASN'T passed out dizrunk in the Hamptons sans bikini bottoms?); Gerard Depardieu makes money from Cuban oil wells (I was unaware that Cuba produced oil--you DO learn something new every day from a celebrity!). But overall: YAWN. So, sorry folks, it's back to my own non-famous life.

Yesterday I found myself at 6pm sitting at the bar of the the Doubletree Inn, drinking a $3.75 Michelob Ultra and waiting for either my name or Terri R.'s to be pulled out of a box by an Oldies DJ. Yes, Terri R. managed to get me to accompany her to said Doubletree because she was OBSESSED with winning free tickets to last night's Simon and Garfunkel concert at the Erwin Center. Now, anyone who knows Terri R. knows that she likes herself some soft rock/easy listening music, and S & G top her list of all-time favorites. This is something that she has to deal with, in her own way, perhaps with a licensed therapist, one day at a time; usually I try not to be her 'enabler,' but the girl was in a near-hysteric state at the thought of winning the tickets so I went, against my better judgment. Sadly, I had nothing else better to do.

Oh, the Doubletree Inn lounge. There were the usual Hawaiiian-shirt clad suspects, plenty of middle-aged couples, freeloaders there for the $1.03 buffet (where they got that specific figure, I have no idea), and of course, the Oldies DJ's, who kept saying on the air that this was 'where the REAL party was' in Austin. Hmm. Anyway, our bartender lady was very nice and had to endure the 'jokes' of one Hawaiian-shirted moron who kept asking if EVERYTHING was $1.03--like the scotch and brandy, etc. What a laff RIOT that guy was! Unfortunately, we did not win a thing. Not a "Romance Package" at the Doubletree, not the tickets, not the freee lunches, not even the Oldies mug (and there were five of those). Poor Terri had to go home without her dream free tickets. (They were $50 each.) But Terri is a lot like Mrs. Robinson, and we crossed that bridge over troubled water and were homeward-bound within no time. She's a rock, that girl. An island.

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