Friday, July 30, 2004

I promised in the Felt Up: The Blog Mission Statement (above) that I would, from time to time, bring "news from the low-carb diet front." Mainly what I meant was that whenever I found a new product that made life worth living, I would talk about it ad nauseum. I don't do this too often because a) if you're not on a low-carb diet this is incredibly boring, and b) I rarely find such products (the last one I mentioned was the Breyer's low-carb ice-cream, which has enabled me to enjoy one of my all-time favorites--the Diet Coke Float--again). Well, I found another one! It is a breakfast cereal called Hi-Lo, and is made by the good people at Nutricious Living. The one I got has dried strawberries in it; it has 12g protein and 5g net carbs, and is only $2.99 a box (compared with $5-6 for Atkins brand cereal)! I had to add a packet of Splenda to make it more palatable, but overall I must say kudos, Nutricious Living, for providing me with a bowl of cereal that doesn't make me gag! Yippee! Hoorah! Another reason to live!

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