Thursday, July 08, 2004

I just did a little blog research and found out that the number one referral site for THIS site is my ole pal Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching page. Thanks, Jenny! Apparently, though, lots of people searching for the phrase "ana string bracelet mary kate olsen" also hit this page quite frequently. Yea ana power! Sorry, that's terrible. Anorexia is not something to make fun of...but the word 'ana' as a positive adjective IS. So there. I also added some links over there on the left, to some fellow bloggers and to a couple of crafty web sites, all of which have linked or mentioned this here Felt Up blog. It just seems like proper 'netiquette' (Terri R. came up with that one) to reciprocate. Go check them out right now! And then come right back here.

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