Tuesday, July 27, 2004

From the "Kind of a Letdown" file:

CNN: "Making her first public appearance since being hospitalized as a fugitive two weeks ago, rocker Courtney Love was sentenced Tuesday to mandatory drug treatment in one of four criminal cases against her.

"I've got to stop drinking. It's gonna be fun,' the 40-year-old widow of grunge rock star Kurt Cobain told a mob of reporters outside the Los Angeles courthouse following the brief proceeding. 'It's profound, it's deep.'"

Uhhh...yeah, right. Whatever, Crazy Lady. I can't help it, I wanted some kind of drama in the courtroom, I wanted her to thrash around like Frances Farmer getting carted off to the nut house. Oh, well. There are still three more trial dates, on two coasts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. When it's all over, I say we throw her in a wrestling ring with Sharon Stone and Brittany Murphy (Sharon against the other two. It has to be a fair match). Put it on pay-per-view. Why do these great ideas go unheeded? They are so crazy that THEY JUST MIGHT WORK!

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