Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Felt Up, The Blog, does not often delve into the realm of real, non-celeb news, but this little item just blew the brains right outta my noggin:

(Reuters) - "President Bush criticized Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards in his own home state on Wednesday by questioning whether Edwards has sufficient experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency."

The man who ran for president after serving ONE MEASLY FULL TERM as governor of Texas (plus a partial term during which he gave up and started hitting the presidential campaign trail), who had ZERO international experience (besides wheelin' and dealin' with his Saudi oil business partners/sugar-daddies), is questioning a US Senator on his fitness to be VICE-president? The mind boggles. There, I'm officially boggled.

I just don't understand why this administration keeps going after the competition on issues that they THEMSELVES are weaker questioning Kerry's 'patriotism' because he testified to Congress about Vietnam war crimes and threw his ribbons away during a protest. The man was in combat! Can Dubya even SPELL combat? Kerry won a Bronze Star and multiple Purple Hearts while Bush was maybe, possibly, barely, and perhaps not completely, serving out his "Fortunate Son"-style Air National Guard duty (AKA the last line of defense before the Girl Scouts). DUDE! Why on earth would you go after Kerry on THAT particular issue? There's got to be others that don't bring all the scrutiny back onto your own lame war record. Not to mention CHENEY'S 9,000 deferrments.

Ditto this whole 'inexperience' thing. YOU campaigned on your own INEXPERIENCE as a positive attribute last time around--as a just-folks guy (who happens to the son of a former president) who wasn't "in the loop," one of them "outsiders" (who happens to be the son of the former president) with little-to-no Washington connections, just a little ole'--aw, shucks!-- gov'nor of lil' ole Texas, where the folks are plain' talkin', God-fearin' patriots who wear ten-gallon hats and...ARGH! The man was raised in Eastern boarding schools, went to Yale, spent every vacation of his life in MAINE and yet speaks with a Texas accent thicker than Jett Rink's in "Giant." While his father was head of the CIA, vice-president, and did I mention president? Yep, Jr. was a real outsider....oh, wait. Outsider bad, insider good. Cheney's got 'experience' so he's good. Edwards is a one-term senator, so that's bad. So it's totally NOT like last time, when one-term governor was good, two-term vice-president was bad. Got it? Gooooood.

In other news, I'm back on speaking terms with the Corgi. I speak, he looks at me. Sometimes. If I'm lucky. Then I give him a biscuit.

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