Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Every now and then (who am I kidding? TWICE A DAY AT LEAST) your humble Felt Up Bloggette likes to check up on how many people are looking at the site, and where they came from. Thanks to Jenny H. at Sublme Stitching, who helped set up Felt Up: The Blog, I've got a very fancy, high-tech tracker thingy; sometimes it is highly amusing to see what search engine queries have paved the way to my (virtual) door mat...here are some recent ones that tickled my funny bone:

"naked Hawaiian" (huh?)
"the guide to Hawaiian style money folds" (double huh?)
"Elvis Costello + Courtney threesomes" (I talk about them separately, but not together--eek!)
"Deborah Beasley LaFave" (the school teacher who had an affair with a 14 yr old--see earlier post)
"u remind me of my jeep lyrics" (r. kelly--poet laureaute of the USA)
"Ian Michael black gay" (he's not; he's married and has a child, sadly)
"unflattering photos of Kirstie Alley" (yippee!)
"the watch hat Dirk Bogarde wore in victim" (no idea)

and drumroll please, the number one most-used search engine query:

"Mary-Kate Olsen anorexic red bracelet"

I'm so proud...

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