Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Corgi is in the dog house. Not a literal dog house (I live in an apartment), but the proverbial dog house (like the one David Beckham would be in if he wasn't so busy trying to conceive an apology baby).

Here's what happened: I got up at 7am (I think this is where I went wrong) and took Bugsy out for his morning promenade de poo. Those who know Bugsy are all too aware that while he is a sweet-natured pussycat of a pup around people, he tends to go berserk at the sight of another dog, especially one on a leash. (For some reason, dogs behind fences aren't so enraging to his delicate Welsh sensiblilities.)

So I'm walking around the corner and see a middle-aged lady with a rather large dog, on a leash, standing right by the public triangle of grass that I consider Bugsy's own private toilette. The lady moves away out of sight, and after waiting a minute or so, I lead Bugsy towards the triangle. But the lady had pulled a fast one on me and was standing there around the bend, giant dog staring at tiny Bugsy in a moment straight out of "Shootout at The Corgi Corral.

Now, this kind of thing happens several times every day, and it usually goes like this: Bugsy lunges, barking madly, while the other dog either looks at him like he's a crazy, tiny fly he needs to get away from ASAP; OR the other dog barks and lunges right back and both dog-owners try to drag our completely ill-behaved pets away from each other. But this dog, and his owner, just stood and stared as Bugsy: 1)started the usual lunge-n-bark routine, 2)somehow wrenched his leash out of my hand, scraping the long, razor-sharp retractable cord against my leg (now covered in ugly welts), and 3)leapt over a (short) shrub, ran across the street, and barked madly at the dog.

Now, I am usually quite the hothead when it comes to people who take dogs outside without a leash, but this was a slightly different situation. The lady SAW my dog break free, against my will, and had to see that he was dragging a leash with a big plastic handle behind him. Did this lady move away? Try to get herself and her dog as far as possible from my yapping, tiny dog? No. She just kicked at Bugsy and kept screaming "Jesus! Jesus!" while I was saying "Shit! Shit! Sorry! Sorry! Shit!" She looked at me like I was the scum of the earth, a person who shouldn't be allowed to own a dog; in the meantime, her dog just stood there, like a lummox, as Bugsy barked madly all around his ankles.

Bugsy never bites, just barks, but of course I can't expect anyone to know this; still, the lady's attitude bugged me. I would have done almost anything short of killing my dog to keep him from attacking what looked to me like some kind of mastiff/pit bull mix. I didn't WANT this to happen, and it's not like I didn't have him leashed. These things just happen. While the lady ineffectually attempted to kick the living shit out of my dog, I finally was able to grab the leash and drag Bugsy away. I'm pretty sure the lady said something nasty about me as she FINALLY got the idea to leave the place. The two City of Austin Utilities workers standing nearby got a good chuckle out of this whole scene, let me tell you.

So now Bugsy's in the figurative dog house, although I'm pretty sure he has no idea why or even that he's in it, since I'm mainly giving him the silent treatment, and I don't think that bothers him all that much. I tried the "I'm so ASHAMED!" speech on the way home, but he was in high spirits after showing off his manliness to the whole neighborhood. He is not fixed (long story) but boy, he's getting a ball-ectomy as soon as I can get enough money. The Big Snip. He's losing his Two Veg. His Beans. His Family Jewels. God, I can't wait.

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