Friday, July 30, 2004

Another bright note on an otherwise bleak, rainy day: Terri R., Tanya B., and your humble Felt Up Bloggette were not alone in thinking that Johh Kerry's acceptance speech was totally and completely awesome! According to, the tv wonks and pundits who had been pretty critical up to this point agreed that this was by far the best speech of Kerry's life, and that he was right to "take off the gloves" and go after the Bush administration for taking the US into a war under false pretenses, etc etc. Terri R. and yours truly, who watched the speech on C-SPAN together, thought that the speech gave voice to the hardly-dared-spoken idea that we as a nation have basically been living under a Constitution-free fascist dictatorship since 9/11. And those at the convention seemed to agree: Every time Kerry said the word "Constitution," the crowd erupted into applause. Yay Constitution! Go Bill of Rights! Whoo-hoo! Who would've believed that something as basic and fundamental as our country's founding document would cause squeals, shrieks, and cheers? It's kind of sad...

One funny thing we all noticed, and that I can't believe he's not being crucified over (yet), was the "hair pollution" slip-of-the-tongue. Kerry was talking about people in Harlem not being able to breathe because of "hair pollution." Couldn't help giggling. We are, after all, lusty, zestful Americans!

Hey, Constitution, it's your birthday; we're going to party like it's your birthday! Shout-out to the Founding Fathers! Whoop, there it is!

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