Monday, July 12, 2004

After that last entry I needed to cleanse myself with the strange healing powers of trashy gossip and non-news. Thanks, for this:

"Why there exists such a thing as an anti-Britney-engager-Kevin-Federline trucker hat is unclear. What are we saying "no" to? Is it his Fresno meth-lab upbringing, which makes him unable to shave his unfortunate wisps of clumpy facial gunk? His claim to being a dancer and appearing shirtless in paparazzi photos while still refusing to exhibit any manner of rippling abdominals? Is it... his love of trucker hats? And, if so, does this mean trucker hats are back?"

There's a link to an image that says "Just Say No to Kevin." Hee-hee. Was he actually raised in a Fresno meth-lab, or is that just bitchiness? Oh, if it were true it might almost make up for the five million homeless South Asians. Almost. Also, I sell trucker hats and they are totally back. They went away for like, five minutes, and now there's a retro retro revival of them. It's this whole self-ironic irony thing within a cynical meta ironic retro reference. If you know what I mean.

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