Monday, June 07, 2004

Yes, this IS turning into my high school diary, with one entry every six months or so...but there just hasn't been a whole lot of Corgi-or-felt-related news of late. Here's some about my store: thanks to the keen eye of's Jennifer Perkins' mother, I found out that Blue Velvet was mentioned favorably in the current (June) issue of Budget Travel Magazine, in a nice article about 'old Austin' by Jason Cohen. Also, (shout out to Jen Perkins AGAIN, for forwarding the link), Vickie Howell, member of the Austin Craft Mafia, co-grand-dame of and all-around swell person, was kind enough to wear a Felt Up pin on her awesome new knitting show on the DIY TV network, "Knitty Gritty." Check it out:

Knitty Gritty Promo Card!

In order to keep this page up, I may have to add in some posts that are about other obsessions of mine--low-carb dieting, thrift-shopping, celeb gossip, etc, or there just won't be enough news fit to print....

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