Friday, June 11, 2004

Will the media stop talking about Reagan after he is finally, at long last, put in the damn ground? Will they just shut up already about this person? Nixon was no worse than Reagan--he just got caught---and with him it was just--poof! Ding, dong, Nixon's dead, who cares? They simply plonked him in the grave and that was it. No fuss whatsoever, the way it should be. Are they going to put on all this hoopla when Carter goes? Ford? CLINTON? The most amazing thing about Reagan's death is that he was only 93 years old. He seemed 93 when he was elected in 1980. I thought he was, like, 105 years old now. At least Terri R. got the day off. She is spending it in deep, deep mourning. HA!

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