Saturday, June 26, 2004

Whew! My long nightmare is finally over: The Mary-Kate Olsen Anorexia issue of US Weekly arrived today. And here is why it was worth the wait: they list 'Five Signs That Mary-Kate Was Heading For Trouble.' And guess what the number one 'sign' was? Yes, that's right: "Extreme weight loss." Ahh, Us Weekly. Your wisdom knows no bounds. I heart you. But then..."Brintey Gets A Puppy!" had to go and spoil it all (see earlier post about my extreme dislike of celeb pet stories.) AND there's way too many reality people. More anas! Less puppies and reality show non-celebs! But on the whole, it's delightfully dishy and entertaining. For about 15 minutes worth of reading, you can't beat it.

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