Tuesday, June 29, 2004

This story is so 'Valley of the Dolls!" I guess I'd heard some rumors that model/ "actress" Bijou Phillips (daughter of Mamas and Papas' John Phillips) was wild-n-crazy, but I didn't know HOW craaaaazzzzyyyyy until I saw this humdinger in Richard "Dick" Johnson's NY Post Page Six gossip column:

"THE catfight pitting Hollywood hellion Bijou Phillips and jiggly Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson against Playboy pinup Nicole Lenz is headed to the courtroom.

Lenz has filed a $1 million lawsuit against Phillips and Johnson in Los Angeles over an incident in which Phillips allegedly punched and kicked Lenz at an MTV after-party.

The suit claims the dishy duo have been spreading lies to "influential persons in the entertainment industry" that Lenz burglarized Johnson's home and stole $750,000 worth of jewelry while the heiress was vacationing in Mexico....

As PAGE SIX first reported, Lenz obtained a restraining order against Phillips and Johnson after they confronted her at L.A. club XES on June 6, where Phillips attacked Lenz, punching her and dragging her "across the room" by her ponytail, according to the suit. Lenz claims the actress was eventually pulled off her by Matthew Perry of "Friends" and thrown out by security.

The next afternoon, Lenz says she was again menaced by Phillips when they ran into each other at a charity event in Pacific Palisades. "Shortly after plaintiff arrived, Phillips proceeded to yell obscenities at her and loudly called plaintiff a 'whore,' a 'prostitute,' a 'thief' and other derogatory terms," according to the suit.

The suit also claims that the Los Angeles Police Department, after searching Lenz's apartment and interviewing her "several times," does not consider her a suspect in the alleged burglary of Johnson's jewelry....

Attached to the court filing is a PAGE SIX item detailing Phillips' history of violent behavior, including cutting off the tip of a friend's finger with a cigar cutter, stabbing another friend in the leg and slamming a socialite to the ground at a nightclub."

Is there anything better than a catfight? A THREE-WAY CATFIGHT? Involving heiresses, Playboy models, and crazy minor celebrities? OK, first of all you know you're in deep doo-doo when Matthew Perry is the sanest person in the joint; and, oh, to have been a fly on the wall when Bijou screamed "whore" at this poor little pin-up or when she dragged her across the room by her ponytail. Or when she cut off a friend's finger with a cigar-cutter...doesn't she know cigars are so pre-millenium? Jeez. And another thing: when do I get to be described as 'jiggly'? Huh? That's what I want to know...

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