Friday, June 25, 2004

THIS is why I subscribe to quality non-news magazines like People: an article about Sante and Kenny Kimes and their new trial in L.A. Where was this story in the mass media, I ask? The last time I saw anything about them was a great in-depth article in Vanity Fair years ago; then Kenny held that Court TV reporter hostage with a ball-point pen at her throat; then there was a made-for-tv movie, oh and the half-brother wrote an excellent tell-all book...but then they disappeared. Kenny got six years in solitary confinement for the Court TV lady thing, and they seemed to drop off the face of the earth...until now! Kudos, People Magazine, kudos! They reported that on the stand Sante "referred to prosecutor Eleanor Hunter as 'D.A. Death' and extolled her son Kenneth as a 'wonderful boy.' " And that "in letters Sante refers to Kenny as 'my soul mate.'" !!!!!!

In case you don't know, the Kimes are the mother-n-son evil grifters who murdered an old lady and a bunch of other people, acted all creepy incesty together on '60 Minutes,' swindled all kinds of money and did numerous fire-related insurance scams, and the mother was convicted and served time for holding Mexican women as SLAVES. They are my all-time favorite criminals! Apparently, Kenny has finally turned against his mama; he said in court that his family's motto was "No body, no crime." That's MY family's motto, too!

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