Friday, June 25, 2004

Some juicy tidbits from the NY Post's 'Page Six' gossip column (reported by Richard "Dick" Johnson)...Some SIGHTINGS:

"MARLON Wayans losing his temper at a photographer at the "White Chicks" party at Viscaya and losing a glass that smashed on the floor, causing his friends to scream, "Don't drop the bottle" (of Belvedere vodka) in his other hand — which he didn't."

(Sounds like Marlon not only has good reflexes, he also has some good friends there, the kind you can trust to watch your back.)

"SHANNEN Doherty having a drink-tossing, curse-laden tantrum at Hollywood's Spider Club when a woman sat in her booth without permission."

(Well, what kind of commoner idiot would just SIT DOWN next to Madame Doherty without asking Her Royal Highness for permission first? How DARE she? Doesn't she know WHO SHANNEN IS?)

You can add Annabelle Sciorra to the list of my most-hated celebs because:

"BOBBY ("The Station Agent") Cannavale [was sitting] thisclose with Annabelle Sciorra as the N.Y. Liberty lost to the L.A. Sparks at the Garden."

(Isn't she old enough to be his mother?)

But this sounds fun:

"FOR the first time, the police officers who were first to respond to the Stonewall Riot 35 years ago have been invited to march in Sunday's Gay Pride Parade. Richie Ornstein and Frank Toscano will be driving a replica of the 6th Precinct patrol car they were in that night, "RMP 2499" — which is also the title of the screenplay they're writing about the famous riot in a Christopher Street bar that marked the birth of the gay liberation movement. The Stonewall Veterans Association, made up of gay men who fought with cops, has the 1969 Cadillac convertible that was parked outside the bar that summer night. Ornstein said, 'This time, instead of throwing beer bottles, they'll be throwing kisses.' "

AND in the continuing series I like to call 'If I Can't Live There, Why Can't I At Least Visit New York A Little More Frequently?':

"The night before on Pier 62 in Chelsea, Megan Mullally ("Will & Grace") will introduce RuPaul and Yoko Ono, who'll perform 'Every Man Has a Man Who Loves Them.' "

Oh my f-ing God.

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