Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Oooh, I love juicy tidbits like this, once again from Richard "Dick" Johnson's Page Six, who is using the Star as HIS source, hee hee:

"IS her treatment for an eating disorder just the tip of the iceberg for Mary-Kate Olsen? Star magazine claims — but her rep vehemently denies — that the brunette Olsen twin, sequestered at the Cirque Lodge in Utah, is actually undergoing treatment for cocaine addiction. After finding her stash the day after graduating high school, her father supposedly sent Mary-Kate first to a detox center in Georgia, then to Utah. The twins' rep, Michael Pagnotta, said, "The story in the Star is absolutely false. Lawyers for Mary-Kate Olsen and Dualstar Entertainment Group are evaluating their options."

Lawsuit or not, I love the idea of a cocaine-addicted-anorexic-18-year-old-twin who rules Hollywood with a tiny, tiny iron fist. The oddest thing to me about the Olsens? They are fraternal, not identical, twins. It's true!

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