Saturday, June 19, 2004

My good friend Terri R. likes to say that R. Kelly is the 'unintentially funniest lyricist of our time,' and while that is a mighty tall order in THIS day and age, I now have definitive proof. The online Village Voice has an article up now that dissects the absolute UNsexiness of R. Kelly's supposedly ultra-sexy songs, and from a male perspective, to boot. It's all about how icky Kelly's songs make him feel. It's a good article, but the best part was finding out more about R. Kelly's ouvre; I am not all that familiar with his works...I HAD thought that "Feelin' On Yo Bootie" was his funniest song title, but that was until I heard about "I Like The Crotch on You." But here's the best part, a snippet of lyrics from "You Remind Me of Something":

"u remind me of my jeep, I wanna ride it/Something like my sound, I wanna pump it/Girl, you look just like my cars, I wanna wax it/And something like my bank account, I wanna spend it, baby."

What an unintenionally funny genius! He may be our Unintentionally Funny Poet Laureate. Terri R. was so right. Again.

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