Sunday, June 27, 2004

Michelle S. and Terri R. reminded me of some 'good to be stuck in an elevator with' people:

Amy and David Sedaris (plus the Rooster)
John Waters
the entire cast of Reno 911/Viva Variety/SCTV
Clive Owen
Stephen Colbert

I'm gonna go ahead and add Melanie Griffith to the 'bad to be stuck in an elevator with' list. Although she's borderline 'fascinatingly horrifying'....but no, no, she's gotta go on the 'bad' list. The scrutiny of her enormous lips and tightly-pulled face would never outlast her odious personality...ditto Meg Ryan. They actually seem to be morphing into the same person. Must have the same deranged/bribable surgeon.

Kudos to Michelle S. for letting me know that it was, in fact, Mary Tyler-Moore who starred in the made-for-tv movie about Sante Kimes. I really wasn't sure if I had dreamed that or not. When you want something bad enough, sometimes you can't separate dream from reality...But this time my dreams seem based in reality. Hooray! I'm not completely crazy (unlike Sante).

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