Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Just got the new Vanity Fair, with David Beckham on the cover. It's a great issue, with just the right mix of anti-war/Bush stories (including one on my hero, Richard Clarke--he's a bachelor!) and debauched tales of starlets and royalty frolicking in St. Tropez. But this is the best: from the Becks article, when his team the Real Madrid lost a game, the fans showed up with a placard that read:
"FOR YOU, WHORES AND MONEY. FOR US, INDIGNATION AND REPRESSION." That really spoke to me on a very deep and personal level. Maybe someday I will make a pillow with that slogan for my couch. Or better yet, someone else could make one and give it to me as a very thoughtful present.

When Becks was a wee tot and had to be a page boy at a wedding, he wanted to wear "knickerbockers, knee-length socks, frilly shirt, and ballet shoes." Hee hee!

Posh and Becks' house is known to those rascally Brits as "Beckingham Palace."

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