Thursday, June 17, 2004

I'm not very into sports, but I do vaguely follow basketball, and I know enough to hate, despise, and revile the LA Lakers. (Surely I'm the last person on the planet to find out that the Lakers started out in Minnesota...I always wondered why in God's name they were called the LA Lakers. It's like when I found out the Utah Jazz originated in New Orleans...the light bulb is dim, but eventually, it turns on above my head.) I also always love the underdog. And I loved "Hoosiers" and "The White Shadow," both of which taught me the value of team playing over glory-hogging, of tough coaches with hearts of gold, and tall men in tube socks and short shorts. So I am beyond thrilled that the Detroit Pistons (the COOLEST team name in the league!) have won the NBA Championships over the despicable alleged-rapist-shielding Lakers. Without hotshot superstar players, but a great defense, a guy with the best Afro ever (Ben Wallace), and a lovable coach. Here's a great quote from the NY Times:

"The Detroit Pistons, the champions of the 2003-4 season, hustled each night for 48 minutes, shared the ball and the glory, played perhaps their best game on their last day of the season, and defeated a team that tried to steal a title based on the notion of superstar entitlement."

I cried a little tear when I read that, I really did. Phooey on you Shaq and Kobe. Superstar entitlement...Phooey!

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