Thursday, June 24, 2004

I may have jumped the gun a little bit in my last entry; I just got my US Weekly. YAY! But it's still almost a week late! AND, it has J.Lo "Getting Ready For Baby!" on the cover; the only mention of Mary-Kate Olsen is about how the twins just turned 18 ("Birthday Getaways! Buckets of Money! Boyfriend Trouble! Bummer!") with nary a mention of anorexia. NAY! I am nonplussed. What the F? Is this an OLD copy that I'm just now getting, or is the NEW one so new I haven't gotten it yet? Or does Baby Lo trump Skinny Twin? Hard to say. I know how I vote...When I have perused the contents of the whole magazine (should take about 15 minutes) I will re-post the highlights. After I go to work, of course.

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