Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I know everybody already reads The Onion, but I really really loved this one:

"Reagan Pyramid Nears Completion

SIMI VALLEY, CA—Slave manpower was doubled this week in an effort to ensure that erection of the gigantic Reagan Pyramid remains on schedule to be completed in time for the 40th president's mummification and ascension into the Afterworld."

The flags in Texas are STILL at half-mast! ALL of them! The man has been literally dead for several weeks, and figuratively dead for over a decade! Maybe longer! Jesus H. Christ! I was heartened to see that "Angels in America" author Tony Kushner had some pretty harsh words about Reagan recently (check out Michael Musto's "La Dolce Musto" column for the full quotes at www.villagevoice.com); I'd been wondering where the hell HIS voice was and why he didn't speak out sooner. Bring those flags back up. UP! Unless they are there for dead American soldiers I don't want to see 'em anymore, it's totally driving me crazy! The man was an evil moron; all this hooplah is totally out of control. The Onion is only one teensy tiny little step ahead of reality (as usual, which is why it is so funny)!

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