Thursday, June 24, 2004

I have to get a copy of "Bergdorf Blondes." I know it contains all the things I look for in serious literature--trash-talking, dishiness, horrible rich people--yet I still hadn't been too inspired to buy it. Until I saw this on the CNN website:

"Bergdorf Blondes" can go from language that sounds just too fake to be enjoyable -- "Totally icky! I thought I was going to vom!" -- to genuinely hilarious moments, such as when Moi gives her Park Avenue Princess friend a set of little Beatrix Potter books for her baby shower, and "she totally freaked because it was more books than she'd ever read."

Wow. "I thought I was going to vom"? Wow. That's not too fake for ME to find enjoyable, CNN. Also, she uses the slang word 'ana' as in 'anorexic' as a POSITIVE adjective: "She's so ana that I bet that rich guy is going to vom over her." (I made that one up, but for all I know it's in the book for reals.) Wow.

I can't stop blogging today.

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