Saturday, June 12, 2004

Hey ladies! There's a fun event in Austin tonight, and it is FREE, involves alcohol, underpants and getting Bush out of office! Who could ask for more? One of the fabulous models in our last fabulous Club de Ville Fashion Show, Andrea, forwarded this to me:

The event is free, but if you make a $25 donation you can get a pair of "Kiss Bush Goodbye" panties. Please pass this along to as many women as you can. We're trying to activate the younger, nonvoting woman, but we can have fun while doing so!

Women Against Bush Seek Same. WANTED: Fun, fashionable, fed-up women whose bras are too
attractive to burn. Prefer brunching to brow-beating, but willing to throw their cocktails in the face of oppression, sexism and the lies that make up "compassionate conservatism." Pull up a stool --we're the women you've been looking for!

Kiss Bush Goodbye Happy Hour
Saturday, June 12th
6:00 pm-7:30 pm
Momo's Club
618 West Sixth Street (upstairs above Katz's)

Stay late for great music by Seela, Astrogin, and Patrice Pike.
No cover prior to 7:30 pm -- a cover charge of $10 will be charged
after 7:30 for entertainment.

Invite your friends and energize the "High Heel Vote!"

Running in Heels is a political action committee started by a group of women in Washington D.C. to promote women's participation in elections and the government. It's current project,, is focused on defeating Bush in the 2004
election. Through cocktail parties, salon socials and other typically apolitical methods, the group is mobilizing young, single women to kick George out of office in 2004. It's sizeable group -- 22 million single women ages 18-30 didn't vote in the 2000 election, making them the least likely to vote of any demographic. We'll be holding monthly events in Austin, so if you want to stay involved, sign up at


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