Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Forgot to mention something else in the "La Dolce Musto" column that caught my little ole eye:

"Meanwhile, the Maria Montez of drag, Warhol superstar HOLLY WOODLAWN, will be played by Taboo's adorable EUAN MORTON in the movie version of Holly's memoir, A Low Life in High Heels, according to New York Blade's DAVID NOH. ALEXIS ARQUETTE will co-star as Warhol—and the Angelika, I bet, is already booked."

You know, after the Megan Mullaly-introducing-RuPaul-and-Yoko tidbit (see earlier post) I thought I'd hit the top of the gay-o-meter, but DING DING DING (goes the trolley), we've got a new winnah! Alexis Arquette as Andy Warhol? A cast-member of Taboo as Holly Woodlawn? Why don't they throw in Liza as Brigid Polk and Rip Taylor as Billy Name and Margaret Cho as The Stage Manager and David Johannsen as himself? I mean, why not? It would be totally AWEsome. Terri R. is peeing in her pants as we speak! And can I just say how much I regret that now MY memoirs cannot be called "A Low Life In High Heels?" Although a "An OK Life in Flats" would probably be more appropriate...

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