Friday, June 25, 2004

As much as I'm sure I agree with the sentiment behind it, Demi Moore's outburst at a screening of "Farenheit 9/11" seems a little bit...oh, I don't know...ridiculous? Stupid? Here's the scoop:

"She was really, really vocal. She was hollering and cheering at the screen and yelling things at Bush. And she was pumping the air with her fist and saying things like, 'That was really harsh' and 'That was really crucial.'....Maybe she was a little hyper because she was drinking Jolt."

Yeah, Jolt. That's probably it. Jolt. I thought the kids Ashton's age call it 'crank' nowadays...Or maybe that's what they call it in the Kabbalah.

In other news, go see my friend Brenna's blog. It's a very well-written and fascinating look at her work with autistic children--and after you read it, you'll agree: Austistic children say the DARNDEST things! Check it out and you'll get addicted like me:


I of course immediately asked Brenna about that infamous ending to the show "St. Elsewhere," in which it turns out that the entire series took place in the mind of an autistic child, and his dad is a bus driver instead of a doctor. If she has an expert opinion on that, I'll post it. I can't believe that the same genius who made "The White Shadow" could produce such crap as "St. Elsewhere" and Gwyneth Paltrow. But since he's no longer with us, I guess I shouldn't gripe about him too much. UGH! GWYNETH!

As to my query of yesterday, when I asked who would be the worst celebrity to be stuck in an elevator with, here are some informal results:

Mel Gibson
Donald Sutherland
Demi Moore

I am adding the following nominees:
Liz "I'd Kill Myself If I Were As Fat As Marilyn Monroe" Hurley
Ashley Judd
Scarlett Johannsen
Gwyneth Paltrow
The Lead Singer of Creed
Tom Green
Pauly Shore
(the list of terrible comedians could go one forever)
Lara Flynn Boyle (although maybe I'd like to pinch her really hard to see if she is capable of feeling)

Who would I LIKE to be stuck in an elevator with, you ask? Well, I would divide those up into two categories: hotties and those who would be entertaining/fascinating/horrifying in a good way. And of course, those imaginary encounters with dead celebs is a whole 'nother blog...

Benecio Del Toro (although he, like every other older male in Hollywood, has been sullied by "Scarlett Letter" Johannsen)
Terence Stamp
Vincent Cassel (thanks, Terri!)
Luke Wilson
Javier Bardem
Tim Roth
LL Cool J

Whitney Houston (but I couldn't take it for long)
Brittany Murphy (ditto)
David Gest!
Liz Taylor
Kathy Griffin
Carrie Fisher and/or Debbie Reynolds
David O. Russell
Wes Anderson
Margaret Cho
Alan Cummings
Jon Stewart
Charlie Murphy
Dave Chappelle
The Coen Brothers
Loretta Lynn! Dolly Parton!
hell, I'd take Wynona, and ask her about how much she wants to squash Ashley like a bug

Any nominees out there?

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