Monday, June 07, 2004

AAAAAhhhhhh, yes, now that I've been freed from my Corgi/feltcraft shackles, I feel the need to blog my brains out! Here's some celeb gossip that has intrigued me recently:

1. DIVA ALERT! Scarlett Johanssen allegedly had a hissy fit at the launch of some product she's flogging--apparently she wanted NO PRESS and NO ONE IN THE ELEVATOR with her at her NYC shindig. Those rumors of her being a total diva seem to be all too true...Also, is there any older male in Hollywood she ISN'T 'dating'? I thought she was incredibly overrated in "Lost in Translation," by the way. She looked out of windows for two hours! And she's 19 and cute. And did it with Benicio del Toro. I hate her.

2. Is J-Lo preggers? Why the rush to the altar (besides her incredible inability to be alone, of course)? And why Marc Anthony? She will crush his skinny bag of not-cute Latino bones, literally and figuratively!

3. Winona Ryder has shopped in our store (Blue Velvet) twice now! She was very nice, polite, non-diva-ish, and not in anyway suspicious-seeming. Take note, Scarlett, this is what a real movie star acts like! She comes in and spends lots of money at my store! Bravo, Winona, BRAVO! She apparently has been quite the shop-o-holic while filming her new movie here in Austin; she was spotted at Parts And Labour on S. Congress (bought shoes that featured Jenny Hart's embroidered portrait of the White Stripes) and at a host of other retail establishments that I'd rather not mention...If Scarlett came in the shop and dropped a big wad of cash, I might, MIGHT change my opinion of her. Stranger things have happened....Other celeb shoppers who actually have graced our humble premises: Eric Stoltz, Nick Cave, Johnny Knoxville, Incubus (twice), Alannis Morrissette, model Carolyn Murphy, one half of the Go-Go's (the tasteful half), and Natalie Portman. I was only there for Eric Stoltz and Alannis. I always miss the famous people! Nick Cave's credit card slip read 'Mr. Nicholas Cave.' He bought a skirt. Somewhere I can only assume that a wee Australian gothy girl is wearing a Blue Velvet vintage skirt, thanks to Mr. N. Cave!

On the low-carb front, Breyer's makes a delicious Rocky Road ice cream with four grams net carbs for 1/2 cup. (I consumed about 20 carbs worth just now.) And their vanilla is delicious, too, especially when made into a Diet Coke float. Kudos, Breyer's, kudos! FYI: don't be fooled by the no-name brand that makes a low-carb ice-cream in an almost-identical-to-Breyer's's not the same! It sucks! I learned this the hard way. Look for the Breyer's label and accept no substitutes! Thanks to Tanya B. and her dad for letting me know about this product.

Also Terri R. sent me a news alert about Krispy Kreme coming out with a 'low-carb donut,' but I will be the judge of that. It better taste EXACTLY like a regular Krispy Kreme or I will cry bitter, bitter tears right in the middle of the nearest Krispy Kreme outlet, let me tell you. Now I just want low-carb french fries and a low-carb Whataburger bun. Is that too much to ask?

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