Wednesday, March 03, 2004

This is quickly beginning to resemble my old high school/college journal, which was always difficult for me to keep every single day..and eventually dwindled down to lots of entries that started with "I MUST keep this journal every day, I simply MUST" and then the next entry would be in a different decade. I've just been very, very busy--but not with anything particularly interesting, sadly. I was in San Antonio today, looking for crapola, and was fairly successful. Found a good haul of vintage kids' clothing that was super cute. Almost cute enough to want to have kids. ALMOST. Maybe I can dress up the Corgi.
Speaking of Corgi Corner, the dog seems okey dokey. My wee Weslsh one is a little lonely with me away from the house more (working at the store, going out of town more), but his health, thank the sweet lord, is fine. For now. The proof is in the pudding, if you know what I mean and I think that you do.
As for the Felt Up line, so far there have been no takers for my (theoretical) line of Easter chicks, bunnies, Peeps, or whatever. People are, indeed, passing them over. Fine, be that way! Next up: Shamrocks-n-Shelelighs! Leprachauns! Who WOULDN'T want a creepy felt leprechaun barrette, huh? WHO, I ask?
Oh, one bright spot in an otherwise bleak week: The eBay cowboy boots stayed sold, yippie! Actually, all my auctions went well, for once. As of tonight, no returns. My fingers are crossed...Next up, Ozzy Osbourne tour shirt, painted Mexican skirt, western shirts, and possibly a few more of my most treasured t-shirts. Look under seller name jenbb. I might try to sell some Felt Up products on eBay soon, too.

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