Saturday, March 06, 2004

Just noticed at the Blogger homepage that they are throwing a drinks-n-schwag event at Club de Ville here in good ole Austin for SXSW! As a member of the Blogging community, I feel that it is my sacred duty to consume huge amounts of fine scotch, make a spectacle of myself, and blather on and an on about MY BLOG! If any fellow Bloggers are coming to South by Southwest, please stop by my incredibly good-n-cheap vintage clothing store, BLUE VELVET, on 'The Drag' or Guadalupe Street, across from the University of Texas. My felt accessories line, FELT-UP, is available for sale there. Or look for the drunken faux blonde girl with the scotch in her hand and a lot of felt pins on her lapel at Club de Ville on the 15th, and when not talking about her Felt Up line she can give you slightly incoherent, rambling directions.

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