Saturday, March 13, 2004

I have been asked to create a set of 'Peeps' Felt Up accessories by Steve M. for his nieces; he wants bunnies and chicks to resemble the spongey neon Easter candy so dear to my heart. He also wants several 'kits' that would allow the wee tots to put together their own felt Peeps. As if a mere child could figure out the incredibly intricate, detailed, SKILLED work that goes into making a Felt Up product! Of course, M and all of his relatives are PH.D's in engineering, so I think the kids may toss these back and roll their eyes when they see how easy they are to make. I think I will do the glueing in advance, though; even geniuses can burn their tiny fingers on a hot-glue gun. Lord knows my paws have suffered greatly for my Art.

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