Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Went to Houston yesterday, which is why there was no entry. My mom and I went to buy jewelry and watches for our vintage clothing store. (Our collection of vintage stuff is often augemented by new-but-retroish pieces). We went berserk and got some pretty cute stuff, AND spent a lot o' money, man. I hope the people of Austin will embrace 1960s-style geometric costume jewelry, because we invested heavily in it, for good or ill....We accidentally passed by the last Starbucks on the way out of town (and there are approximately 50 gazillion Starbucks in Houston; there are even two across the street from each other, as if mocking your worst nightmares.) Anyway, I hate convenience store-burnt coffee, so in Brenham, TX (home of Blue Bell Ice Cream!) I had TWO sugar-free Red Bulls and a Diet Coke, which did perk me up a wee bit. Instead of sitting in a near stupor I suddenly began babbling incessantly to my poor mother, who was trapped in the van with least it gave me a little energy to hit the computer when we finally got home and edit my eBay pictures until late last night. The store is not doing so well, so I'm about to start selling my heart out on ole eBay. It is quite tedious to edit and alter hundreds and hundreds of digital pix, but I guess it beats getting a real job...It is pouring down rain and we have no customers today whatsoever. We did sell a Budweiser sweater yesterday to a guy who exclaimed, "This woulda been $200 in New Yawk!" (instead of the $28.99 we humbly, and perhaps stupidly, were asking for). If anyone is interested in my foray into eBay-land, you can look under seller name jenbb for my listings, which should be up tonight or tomorrow. Next comes the e-commerce web site for Felt Up AND Blue Velvet Vintage Clothing...
In Bugsy news, he's doing fine, THANK GOD! Took him for a walk today and he's so short that his underbelly got covered in rain/mud/dirt, so he had to have a towel rubdown that he pretends to hate but I think he secretly enjoys...poop was solid! Hooray!

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