Monday, February 16, 2004

Valentine's Day is over, thank God. I can't take the pressure, it's like New Year's Eve--so many expectations, ugh. At least a few nice young men with excellent taste bought my Felt Up products for their sweeties, which warms my heart way more than a box of (low-carb) candy ever could.
What else has been going on, you ask? Well, it's been Girlie Galore Week: first, a mini-girls-night out on Wednesday, with cocktails at the Whiskey Bar and then at the super-chic new bar 'Oslo,' where I felt like the proverbial turd in the all-white, very stark, Mod, and Norwegian punchbowl, but still had a good time celebrating a friend's birthday; then ANOTHER night out on the town with my gal-pals, for Cuba Libre's "Manicures-n-Martinis" on Thursday; thank God we took a cab, that's all I'm going to say, if you know what I mean and I think that you do. O, the Cosmo! Friday I crafted with felt and eBayed until the wee hours. Saturday was Valentine's, then Sunday it was Carb Crazy day--I went off Atkins, which I do every now and then to keep my sanity. Terri R. took me for my very first McGriddle breakfast sandwich, and now I am totally addicted, Oh. My. God! My only complaint is their tiny size, I could easily eat TEN! Then brunch at Juan in a Million, where I had chips and salsa, and breakfast tacos...ahhhhh. Then Nagel practice (we are going to cover 'She Sells Sanctuary' by the Cult--am I the only person on Earth who is excited by this? I Heart the Cult!), where Michelle S. made quesadillas; then onto sushi, cookies, and a mini-creampuff while watching the second-to-last episode of "Sex in the City." Ladies and carbs, unite! Sadly, I'm back on my low-carb diet today, but I will carrry the McGriddle in my heart for a long, long time. I bless you Terri R.--and CURSE YOU! You have created a McGridlle Monster.
On the Bugsy front, I do believe my dainty wilting violet is getting over his case of the vapors! He is eating regular dog food, and save for a few minor bouts of barfing here and there, he is doing much better. I may be able to put away the smelling salts--and get me a Mint Juleppe instead!

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