Sunday, February 01, 2004

More Bugsy Chronicles
Today and yesterday have been relatively uneventful, hooray! No barf, no diarrhea. Bugsy hates having his anti-nausea medication, which is a liquid and has to be administered by an eye-dropper; he clenches his teeth and gives me sad, sad looks whenever I try and give it to him. But it's working, I think. I also saw his older brother, Bumper, today. Bumper is the reason I now own Bugsy; they both used to belong to my mother, but Bumper was the 'alpha' dog and made Bugsy's life a living hell. I took Bugsy so he could be alone for the first time in his life and live without fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, instead of mental stress he has intestinal distress. But I think he's happier. Bumper is a piece of work; he struts and prances and is the cock o' the walk at my mom's place, just as he always was, but now he has no pesky competition. He is a really perfect specimen of Corgidom--we always wondered if he 'coulda been a contenda' at the dog shows; Bugsy, on the other hand, is a little too long (hence the back troubles) and his ears are a little too big....but somehow that makes me love him all the more...he's a sweetie pie.

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