Friday, February 06, 2004

Last night my band 5-Way Action played at Beerland. I'm in two bands; the other is in a nascent stage but is tentatively called Nagel, after the late and dearly-missed Duran Duran 'Rio' album cover/terrible mall print artist. Anyway, I am the singer in both bands; my voice is the only instrument I own, or can play. The show went pretty well; it was one of Beerland's owner's birthday, and I made her a Felt Up one-of-a-kind product: a beer bottle with a star and a beaded letter 'D' on the front, for her first name. It kind of looked like a 'Duff' beer bottle from "The Simpsons." She wore it all night, but I told her it was a novelty gift and not required wearing whenever I'm around (although my feelings will, in fact, be terribly, irrevocably hurt if she never wears it again).
In other news, Felt Up may be featured on our local 'News 8' Austin tv station, providing I can get my ass out of bed to be at our store by 6am (AKA The Middle of the Night). It's not for sure yet, but I'm wishin' and hopin' and prayin' it'll come true...stay tuned!
Also, we have an event here in town called First Thursday on South Congress, which is a shopping strip with lots of locally-owned, antiquey/boutiquey stores, and they host these free food-n-beer/open-'til-eleven/discounts on merch parties on the first Thursday of every month. I don't go very often, because a) I don't like crowds, and sometimes there's drum circles and b) I'm too lazy to find parking and walk and walk and walk up and down S.Congress in search of the elusive 'free beer.' Last night, though, I dropped off Terri R. for a party at a shop called Five Oceans (I think!) and she was supposed to go to the opening of a new store called Parts and Labour (sounds like a Depeche Mode album title, so I approve) which features some friends' work--like Naughty Secretary Club and Sparklecraft--in other words, the coolest and most awesome handmade stuff in town, possibly the world. Their links are over there on the left under Link A Rama. When Terri R. reports back on her night of tripping the light fantastic, I'll post it right here on Felt Up.

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