Friday, January 30, 2004

The Bugsy Chronicles
So one of the reasons I'm trying to make/sell crafts is to offset the cost of taking care of my sickly dog. My Corgi, Bugsy, is seven years old, a bundle of love and joy, and is KILLING me financially with his extensive medical bills. (WARNING: The following may gross out the fainthearted.) It all started in early December 2003, when I woke up to find my apartment's kitchen covered in piles of vomit and bloody diarrhea; and by piles, I mean gigantic, quivering mountains. I took Bugsy out for his morning promenade and saw that blood was squirting out of his butt like something out of 'The Exorcist.' It was, of course, a Sunday, so that meant the emergency vet hospital. I put a plastic bag around his bottom and put him in my car. He was examined and had numerous blood tests and x-rays; the doctor eliminated parvo, bacteria, or swallowed-sharp-object as the culprit, but never did determine exactly what was causing the problems. $300. Then the vet released Bugsy to go home, but warned me that if he vomitted again, I would have to bring him right back. I took him home, and he promptly barfed. Back to the hospital; $365 more for two nights' stay. Prescription dog food, medication, more (inconclusive) tests. $165. All went well for a while, until I noticed that tickling or lightly rubbing Bugsy on his stomach (which is something everyone who encounters Bugsy wants to do to him) caused him to shriek, loudly, in pain. It was of course, a weekend. I thought it might be related to his previous intestinal problems, so back to the emergency vet, a different doctor this time, who said it was most likely a back problem brought on by Bugsy's being a Corgi--too long for his short little legs to carry properly. Pain medication, exam; $125. All was well for about a month, and then, just a few days ago...bloody diarrhea reared its extremely ugly head again. On a Sunday. Of course. Hospitalization for two more nights, $320. A case of prescription dog food, medication. Two days ago, Bugsy had been home one day, with nothing too eventful, he barfed again. I called the vet hospital, they told me to come by and get a different form of prescription food. Yesterday, no problems. Today, barf. I called again. Different doctor told me that Bugsy may be having a bad reaction to the antibiotics he's been taking, and said for me to stop by and pick up a prescription for anti-nausea medication. So that's where we stand. The diarrhea is gone, thank god, and he seems his usual naughty, playful self. Now I just wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

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